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Aiming to build a better business

Our latest initiative proudly shows our heartfelt commitment to nature’s restoration. With every watch sale, a percentage of the proceeds will be dedicated to rewilding projects in the UK. We aspire to contribute to the revival of our ecosystems actively. This endeavour aligns with our passion for environmental stewardship and underscores our mission to give back to the world that inspires us.

Why do we want to do this?

We think businesses and brands should do a little more with their voices and profits.

Our journey through the remarkable landscapes of these islands has fueled our desire to help its remaining wild spaces. With gratitude for the moments we’ve spent outdoors, we’re dedicated to giving back to rewilding causes as much as possible. By supporting these transformative initiatives, we aim to help preserve the natural spaces that have bestowed us countless years of joy and awe. It’s our privilege to contribute to restoring nature within these islands and help champion environmental advocacy.

Join us and help foster a wilder future—one watch at a time.


Founder and Designer