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Our Story.


The Everwrist Explorers Club.


We are EEC, a small family-run British brand founded in 2011 and revived in 2020 after rediscovering a simple love for making things. We aspire to design functional tool watches inspired by history and the natural landscapes we call home. A big part of our identity and our design aesthetic is inspired by the world around us. Everwrist draws influence and inspiration directly from the beautiful topographical details of maps and landscapes from across the world as well as paying homage to historical and iconic horology.

Using our experience working within the creative industries, we combine our understanding of colour, materials, and typographic detail to build quality timepieces. Determined to keep as much of the assembly and manufacturing process in the UK as possible, we collaborate with local suppliers to produce various parts for our watches and construct custom limited-run timepieces using familiar components.

The Brand.


Our niche brand is built around our desire to make good products that we think people would enjoy. Our desire to make and create quality, design-led products in-house removes traditional industry margins by selling directly to customers at a fair price. Putting it simply, we cut out the middle man.

By building or customising our watches in small batches, we work closely with component manufacturers. Each specialises in one aspect of the timepiece, from the case and dial to the hands and straps.

Aside from using well-made Japanese movements, our watches sometimes take the shape of highly modified timepieces.

By working closely with component experts, using well-known parts and testing the watches ourselves, we can minimise the cost and maintain a high degree of quality control, making sure every piece is put together with the same care and attention as the last.

The Materials.


Inspired by the iconic horological designs of the past, all of our watches are made to last and are created to meet the challenges of life outdoors. Our timepieces are produced with an active lifestyle in mind and are assembled to ensure rugged reliability.

Whilst we strive to partner with local British manufacturers as often as possible our timepieces also feature quality components sourced from around the world including reliable movements from well-known Japanese brands.

In the interest of being transparent with our customers:

  • Our cases are manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • Our movements are manufactured in Japan.
  • Our straps are manufactured and sourced through various companies in the UK and Hong Kong.
  • Our dials are manufactured in the UK and Hong Kong.
  • Our Packaging is manufactured in the UK and Poland.
  • Our watches are assembled in the UK and Hong Kong (depending on the model).

The Packaging.


We believe that packaging plays an important roll in our brand experience, we design environmentally sustainable packaging which is produced with eco-friendly materials and inks.

Clean air policy

We work with manufacturers that remove toxins and pollutants from the air used during the manufacturing process.

Responsible employment

Produced in a facility that meets the requirements of the EU Labour Law.


We work with manufacturers that use recycled materials in order to create our packaging and reduce our environmental impact.

Reusable & Recyclable

Our packaging can be used again after fulfilling its originally designed purpose.

The Cause.


Much of the inspiration for our brand derives from the colours and topography of the natural landscape we call home. We never have to venture far on our British islands before we encounter pockets of wilderness, whether that’s on our rolling hills, majestic mountains or rugged coastlines. But our wild areas are under growing threat, increasing footfall, noise and pollution have created fragile ecosystems on our very doorstep.

Based on love and respect for the natural landscape that we live in, our aim is to support the maintenance and development of crucial conservation zones throughout the British Isles. Aiming to effect meaningful change through the way we sell our products, we wish to donate a percentage of our profits from each sale to charity.


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