Designing and building an Everwrist watch

Everwrist exist to create watches that embody character, practicality, style and durability. The Everwrist collection is built as a result of a meticulous design and development process and with the aid of manufacturing expertise provided by our collaborating factories.

We develop every watch in the collection ourselves from the initial sketches and prototypes to the final products. Our watches are created using well known components in combination with our own flare for design. We harness movements from Citizen and Seiko ensuring a higher rate of reliability and a greater value for money.

The mix of precision and ruggedness defines our brand; our designs, ambition and approach are inspired by images of pilots, lonely travellers and polar explorers.


Being a new, small, family run watch brand, Maria and I tend to do a lot of the creative thinking and design work for the watches and the brand ourselves. We start by discussing themes, researching ideas and sketching out concepts before moving onto computers and creating mock-ups. The Alpine is our first watch, we created it as a minimalist, simple and easy to use timepiece, it is produced not only as an entry-level watch but also as a solid platform to build upon over time. The Alpine will be created with different dial designs, configurations, colours, and straps.


Sean: Founder & Managing Partner

The Everwrist Alpine – Our entry level watch

A sturdy and beautifully designed timepiece, The Everwrist Alpine is a quintessential minimalist classic. The perfect everyday watch for the modern gentleman (or Lady).

The Everwrist Alpine is our brand introduction, a handshake, it embodies all that the Everwrist brand consider essential in a watch, and nothing more. The Everwrist Alpine is named after a mountaineering style in which an individual climbs in a self-sufficient manner, thereby carrying all of one’s equipment as one climbs. The Everwrist Alpine is a tough, lightweight watch equipped with only the essential features.

Our timepieces are designed to mirror vintage style combined with modern design features and are fully equipped to stand out and weather the demands of a modern life.

The Everwrist Alpine is named after a mountaineering style in which an individual climbs in a self-sufficient manner, thereby carrying all of one’s equipment as one climbs. The Everwrist Alpine is a tough, lightweight watch equipped with only the essential features, we wished to capture the sense that the Alpine would be our entry level watch and our most basic product.


Maria: Managing Partner



Packaging our watches

Our watch packaging is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, we know many watch brands produce large boxes and packages for their products which makes them hard to store or dispose of. Our packaging can be recycled and forgotten about allowing the owner to fully enjoy their timepiece.

Special edition watches arrive in packaging that compliment the timepiece and all additional parts.


Watch Straps

Everwrist straps and watch accessories

We have assembled a collection of accessories that complement the design and functionality of our watches so that you may enjoy a truly personalised timepiece. Straps will either be made available on their own, as part of a watch set or with a specific model.

Changing the strap on your Everwrist watch is an affordable way to get a fresh look for your existing timepiece, new or old. It is sometimes surprising how changing a strap can make your Everwrist timepiece feel like an entirely new watch and it’s easy to do with a bit of effort and a few tips.

Choose a strap of model

Everwrist source the highest quality straps for the price range, ensuring that they work well with the aesthetics of your watch. Some of our watches are already fitted with a variety of strap styles and can be purchased as complete timepieces.

Types of straps

Rubber straps are great for water sports or outdoor pursuits, they retain their appearance, deflect water and sweat and don’t smell or fall apart after repeated submersions. They also instil a watch with a sporty look and can sometimes be worn with more formal attire.

Leather straps offer the most variety, with a diverse range of colours, materials and stitching. A thick leather strap can compliment the casing of your Everwrist watch and look rugged whilst doing so. Leather doesn’t work so well in water and may not be the best choice for water sports.

Steel bracelets are durable and comfortable, enhancing the masculine look of your Everwrist sports watch. We supply the Everwrist Alpine on a steel mesh strap, which offers both rugged dependability whilst travelling and added elegance with evening attire.

The last choice is a synthetic nylon strap. These are both popular with military watch enthusiasts and urban style gurus alike. Often known as the “NATO” strap or “G1O”, due to their origins on the wrists of British soldiers and divers, the straps are the most durable, colourful, rugged and simple we have to offer. These straps are longer than your rubber, or leather variety meaning that they can be worn externally, over clothing whilst surfing or climbing. Along with the other attributes above, this makes them perfect for both casual and formal wear and can even spur on the birth of a collection.

Buying an additional strap

The size needed for your strap is typically described as the watch’s “lug width” and is measured in millimetres. Most of our watches have lug widths of 18, 20 or 22mm. This information is made available in the watch description in our store.

Future watch projects from Everwrist

The Everwrist Alpine was created to offer a versatile platform on which to build our brand. Over time we aim to improve our watches by adding to our range of movements, including the introduction of a quartz chronograph and automatic model. The Alpine will also be made available in a number of simple, yet functional dial designs inspired by adventure and aviation. These dials will be produced in a series of colour combinations designed to compliment the aesthetic of the brand.



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